Our #1 Survival Food Kit for Hearty Appetites 

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Lumberjacks of yesteryear sure knew how to work up an appetite.

They’d forge a path in the untamed wilderness...

Work long hours to pursue the American dream...

And at the end of the day... return home to refuel.

Only the biggest, heartiest meals could satisfy them.

Maybe you have a “lumberjack-sized” appetite too. Or maybe you’re worried that your survival food plan may not be enough food for you, when push comes to shove.

*25-year shelf life under proper storage conditions. Excess heat and/or damage to packaging may decrease shelf life. For more information, see footnote 2.

Good news…

This “Hunger-Busting” Survival Food Kit is Back!

When the world went wild for survival food during the “health emergency” last year…

4Patriots Lumberjack Survival Food Kits were one of the first things to sell out.

Which was really disappointing because up until that point — they’d been a customer favorite. We had folks calling, emailing and sending Facebook messages… practically begging for these deluxe emergency food kits.

Probably because every kit is packed with our best-selling, most-requested entrees. And because this doesn’t taste like survival food.

That’s why now that these Lumberjack Survival Food Kits are back in stock… we made them better than ever. With 4 exclusive recipes that will have you bellying up to the table for more.

      • 80 Servings of our best-tasting, most delicious entrees
      • Exclusive recipes
      • Designed to last 25 years*
      • Delicious & easy to make
      • Handpacked in USA
      • Covert, stackable tote
      • [FREE Gifts] Including 34 Servings of FREE freeze-dried chicken when you stock up

So word to the wise? Act now — while these customer-favorite kits are in stock.

Click the “Start My Order” button & grab your kits now.

Because in an emergency…

You’ll Need the Strength of a Lumberjack to Protect Yourself and Your Family

The demands on your body in a crisis could be extreme.

Not unlike those imposed on lumberjacks — who are known to have some of the hardest jobs on earth.

Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get survival food that’s both nutritious AND filling… so you can perform at your best.

This is about peace of mind. Stock up on these hearty, family-favorite recipes… and rest easy knowing you and your family are prepared if disaster strikes.

Stockpile the right foods… and you’ll have the strength of Paul Bunyan in a crisis. Read on to find out how…

And we’re offering you the opportunity to really “amp up” the power of your survival food stockpile with our Lumberjack Survival Food Kit at a great price.

Plus, when you select our Best Deal, you’ll get exclusive FREE bonus gifts. Including 100% real meat designed to last 25 years*.

*25-year shelf life under proper storage conditions. Excess heat and/or damage to packaging may decrease shelf life. To learn more, please see footnote 2.

But first, beware…

Stockpiling the Wrong Foods
Could be a BIG Mistake

Inferior survival foods like canned goods and bulk beans claim to be “non-perishable” but when put to the test they simply don’t last. You need to constantly rotate your stockpile or worry about your food going bad from spoilage or contamination.

Then there’s the flavor. Many survival foods can taste like moldy sawdust (We’re not exaggerating!). They’re designed for combat situations – not feeding everyday folks.

Finally, and this is by far the worst…

Many other survival foods can’t satisfy your hunger. They’ll skimp on the ingredients or calories per serving – so you’re not full when you’re done eating. Talk about useless!

It’s our mission to help Patriots like you survive a catastrophe – from crazy weather, terrorism, disease, or war – and we want to make sure we’re giving you the best opportunity to provide your family the ultimate “survival food insurance policy.”

Imagine thinking you’ve got an entire stockpile of food only to find it covered in dangerous mold…

Obviously, we’d all love to eat fresh, home cooked food in every situation…

But if a food emergency hits, stores could be stripped bare of every kind of food imaginable within hours.

Supply lines could be shut off for days or even weeks. And like those poor folks during the winter storms in Texas — or like the folks who have to endure rolling blackouts – you could be cut off from food, water or power for days or weeks on end.

The good news is… there’s a way to fortify your stockpile with survival food that’s designed to last for 25 years* — and as tasty and satisfying as your favorite comfort foods.

The best part? Less worry about expiration dates or rotating your stock of canned goods.

Now, we’re not talking about disgusting MREs, metallic-tasting canned goods or the kind of survival food that comes in a bucket of all things…

In an emergency, “stick to your ribs” favorites could be the first to go.

Because who wants to eat slop from a darn bucket?

We’re talking about a far superior survival food solution. Famous for its taste, satisfaction, nutrition AND storage.

The kind of food you can only find in…

4Patriots Lumberjack Survival Food Kits, of course!

Packed with all our best-selling, hunger-crushing meals. These kits are both nutritious and delicious… brimming with hearty, family-favorite dishes to keep you fueled and ready for anything.

And with our Best Deal, you’ll get 34 servings of 100% real chicken included for FREE.

That’s the Paul Bunyan principle of survival nutrition at work!

When you add our Lumberjack Meal Kits to your survival food stockpile, you’ll add…

*25-year shelf life under proper storage conditions. Excess heat and/or damage to packaging may decrease shelf life. To learn more, please see footnote 2.

Ultimate Strength & Stamina That's Delicious for 25 Amazing Years!

Designed to last 25 years? YES!

And here's how.

The freshness and flavor of your Lumberjack Kit gets sealed in with advanced technology and with a careful “low-heat dehydration” method. This is a slow and painstaking technique… but it’s worth it because you get incredible taste and nutrition, for a great value.

Next, an advanced-engineered, American-made packing machine puts your meals into pouches made of space-age Mylar.3 That’s the same material that’s used by NASA to make space suits! It’s sturdy stuff designed to stand up to some of the crazy things that happen in an emergency.


    Triple-layer Mylar pouches help protect your food. This premium packaging works as a barrier to help protect against things that can harm your food: air, light and moisture.

    Then we use a high-tech, high-capacity oxygen absorber to suck OUT any excess air. Which is key to sealing IN your food’s ultra-long shelf life.

    Last step? The pouch is “cold sealed” to keep it airtight. This method of sealing helps keep shelf-life-damaging heat far away from your food.

Then we use a high-tech, high-capacity oxygen absorber to suck OUT any excess air. Which is key to sealing IN your food’s ultra-long shelf life.

Last step? The pouch is “cold sealed” to keep it airtight. This method of sealing helps keep shelf life-damaging heat far away from your food.

All this fancy technology seems like a lot of work. And it is! But it’s the secret to keeping your food safe for an amazing 25 years.*

* 25-year shelf life under proper storage conditions. Excess heat and/or damage to packaging may decrease shelf life. To learn more, please see footnote 2.

Get Our Most-Requested Recipes... All in 1 Convenient Kit

We handpicked our best, heartiest recipes for these Lumberjack Kits. Cream-of-the-crop selections that – as your Grandma used to say – really “stick to your ribs.”

These are the hunger-crushing meals your family will beg for over and over again for lunch and dinner. All designed to last for 25 years!

The best part? Each meal is made to be nourishing enough to satisfy a lumberjack-sized appetite!

Meals like our Cowboy Rice & Beans are loaded with hearty beans & rice to satisfy even the hungriest cowboy (or a lumberjack)! And when you try our Nonna’s Best Lasagna-Style Marinara, you’ll swear we stole it from your grandmother. It’s that good!

Just ask Brandi & Mebann, who gave our Fireside Stew a taste-test:

Survival Food Taste-Test

Image of Five Stars

“Great for camping, for an emergency situation, or maybe you just don’t feel like cooking and you want to whip something up real quick for the kids and yourself. This is the way to go!”

And now you can be self-reliant… like Mebann & Brandi.

Enjoy your meals exactly as they come or get creative by adding ingredients like shredded cheese or sautéed mushrooms. The variety of ways you can use your kit are endless!

Here’s exactly what you’ll get with the Best Deal…

We start each meal with high-quality ingredients. Next, we add a pinch of herbs & spices to give each serving that made-from-scratch flavor we’re famous for. And finally, we use high-tech preservation methods to seal in that flavor & nutrition… for up to an incredible 25 years!*

That's how you get the ooey-gooey cheesy flavor in every bite of America's Finest Mac & Cheese. Or the rich & creamy Alfredo sauce in Frank's Favorite Alfredo.

So, what are some of the incredible benefits of your 4Patriots Lumberjack Survival Food Kits?

  • Our very best recipes: Each Lumberjack Kit is packed with 80 servings of all-time customer favorites. Meals that make you the hero when “the bleep hits the fan.”

  • Designed to last 25 years*: Due to state-of-the-art packaging, the food in your Lumberjack Survival Food Kits can last years when unopened. It’s specially designed for just that purpose.
    * 25-year shelf life under proper storage conditions. Excess heat and/or damage to packaging may decrease shelf life. To learn more, please see footnote 2.

  • Strength and stamina: Nutritious meals from both lean protein and quick-energy carbs. Like lumberjacks from yesteryear… you’ll have exactly what you need to help you stay satisfied for hours.

  • Easy to prepare: Just boil… simmer… and serve. Your meals take about 15 minutes to make – even kids can do it.

  • Incredible taste: Imagine the foods you enjoyed sitting around the family dinner table – classic bean chili, mac and cheese, hearty stroganoff. Survival never tasted so good!

  • Covert storage: Your meals come packaged in space-age Mylar pouches. They’re packed in a water-resistant, stackable, slim-line tote with easy-carry handles… ready to go when you are!

    Slip the totes under the bed, store them in your pantry or take them with you in your RV. Great for campers, hunters, hikers and fishermen.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get inside your Lumberjack Survival Food Kit:

There’s no doubt about it – adding our Lumberjack Survival Food Kits to your emergency preparedness plan is a smart move for variety, taste and nutrition.

Why not stock up on as many Lumberjack Meal Kits as you can, like most customers do?

By now you’re probably wondering…

So, How Much Do They Cost?

It’s clear that 4Patriots Lumberjack Survival Food Kits are one of the best, most-versatile, in-demand survival food collections available right now.

And this is the first kit to feature all of these “all-stars” in one place.

That’s why we recommend that you add at least 4 kits to your survival food plan today. And why we’re going to make it really easy to do so. 

Truth is… the idea of your family going hungry when things go south doesn’t sit right with us. We want to get as many Lumberjack Kits as we can into the hands of deserving patriots like you.

Normally, getting four kits of these premium meals probably costs $500.00+. But you won’t pay anywhere near that today.

Food stockpiles shouldn’t only be for well-off Americans. We know most people can’t afford to spend $1,000, $5,000 or $10,000 on a stockpile.

That's why you can score our Best Deal & get 4 Lumberjack Survival Food Kits for only $399.80. That’s NOT a typo – you’ll get 21% OFF the value when you grab our Best Deal.

That's $1.23 per serving for our best foods!

And the food in your Lumberjack Meal Kit is guaranteed to still be good up to 25 years from now!*

Now to help make this a complete no-brainer for you…

* 25-year shelf life under proper storage conditions. Excess heat and/or damage to packaging may decrease shelf life. To learn more, please see footnote 2.

Your FREE Bonus Gifts are the Perfect Complement to Your Lumberjack Food Kit

FREE Gifts #1 & #2: 2 FREE Packs of Freeze-Dried Chicken

Protein is the “building block” of life. And whether you’re in a crisis situation or hungry after a long, hard day… you’re going to need it.

That’s why, when you select our Best Deal…

You’ll get 2 FREE packs of our good-for-25-years* Freeze Dried Chicken... That’s 34 total servings!

Our chicken is 100% real meat. No gross fillers or “mystery” meat. You’ll get yours FREE today.

You’ll also get…

*25-year shelf life under proper storage conditions. Excess heat and/or damage to packaging may decrease shelf life. For more information, see footnote 2.

FREE Gift #3: FREE “Eat Like a Lumberjack” Digital Meal Guide

You’ll get an exclusive brand-NEW digital meal guide, “Eat Like A Lumberjack” FREE.

This valuable digital field guide is designed exclusively for Lumberjack Kit owners.

In it, you’ll learn…

      • How to turn eight Lumberjack recipes into tons of different meals
      • Step-by-step instructions for building variety into your survival food kits
      • How to get ultimate variety and flavor… with minimal effort

Plus, you’ll get all kinds of amazing ideas for how to customize your meals to your liking… with special add-ins, seasonings and more.

Last but certainly not least, you’ll get…

FREE Gift #4: FREE Shipping & Handling

You’ll get FREE shipping on your Lumberjack Survival Food Kit and all of your bonus items today. It’s not cheap to ship hearty, long-lasting survival food (plus all the FREE gifts we’re going to throw in).

But you deserve it for becoming a loyal customer. And frankly, we want to do it for you.

Click the orange “Add to Cart” button now, and we’ll add the Lumberjack Survival Food Kit and all the FREE bonuses to your order right away.

An Outrageous Double Guarantee so This is 100% Risk FREE for You

We also believe that you should be 100% happy with your purchase or you shouldn’t pay a penny…

So we offer you two rock-solid guarantees for your purchase.

Guarantee #1

100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your 4Patriots Lumberjack Survival Food Kits, return them within 365 days (that’s a full year) from the date of purchase. We’ll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked. That way there’s absolutely no risk for you. And you can keep the FREE gifts for giving your survival food a try.

Guarantee #2

25-Year Shelf-Life Guarantee

If you open your 4Patriots meals anytime in the next 25 years and find that despite following storage instructions your food has spoiled, you can return it and we will replace it with something of equal or greater value. That’s only fair... and it proves how confident we are that this food will remain delicious and nutritious.

Some folks have said we are crazy to offer two rock-solid guarantees on this premium collection of our most popular survival foods.

We’re not worried about it, though… because we are confident you’re going to see the value in your Lumberjack Kits as soon as you have them in your hands. The peace of mind alone is priceless!

Here’s What Patriots Like You Have to Say About These Kits!

Terry loves that this kit will stay good for 25 years, so even if he doesn’t use it, his kids can...

You Can't Eat Silver or Gold!

Image of Five Stars

“This is about the best insurance policy anyone can get. Silver or gold?? Ya can't eat it.

Just think what would happen if the food distribution chain was disrupted. This product may mean the difference between starvation and surviving.

If you never have to use it, pass it along to your kids. If it comes down to the expiration date, eat it or give it away!

This product is a no-lose situation!"

Daniel is thinking ahead for his family’s safety in the long-run...

One of the BEST Investments You Can Make

Image of Five Stars

“You can't only think about today. You have to plan ahead because you don't know what tomorrow could bring. With a 25-year shelf life, it's one of the best investments you can make for you and your family. You don't need to wait for an emergency to use it either. It's even good to have for camping and hiking.”

Janet from Utah feels good knowing she doesn’t have to count on anyone else next time there’s an emergency:

This Is The Insurance You’re Missing

Image of Five Stars

"Why wouldn't you buy this? You probably have fire insurance, in case you have a fire. Please buy yourself some backup food —it lasts 25 years and it fits under your bed. It brings me peace just to know I am prepared. There are so many reasons this could be needed. I am amazed at how many people who aren't thinking ahead. Do you think the government will take care of you?

Please do this for yourself. If everyone had some backup food, we could ride out some of these emergencies. I do NOT want to go to the food market when there is an emergency. Can you imagine what that would be like?"

KC’s having a hard time saving his survival food for emergency situations because it tastes too darn good!

Tastes So Good I Have To Keep Buying More For Actual Emergencies

Image of Five Stars

“You need to quit running these ads! It makes me want to break into my food storage and try another entrée! When I bought my first 4-week supply, I pulled out a random entrée to do a taste test — what a mistake! The stroganoff was sooo good I almost opened another! After my third(?) 4-Week supply, my grandkids talked me into another “taste test” so now I’m going to have to buy more for our camping trips! Thanks for an actually tasty product!”

* Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information see footnote 1.

And folks, it’s not only our customers’ reviews and testimonials we’re proud of…

Your Purchase Supports Those Who Serve

When you claim your 4Patriots Survival Food Kit today, we will provide meaningful support to important charities that help American veterans and their families.

Including Operation Homefront, Fisher House, A Soldier’s Child-Foundation and Team Rubicon.

In fact, 4Patriots and our affiliated brands have donated more than $615,000 since we founded the company. And the number keeps growing! This year alone, we're committed to donating “$1K a Day” for a total of $365,000 by year's end.

You can feel good knowing that you’re supporting our veterans while getting the peace of mind that comes from having a survival food stockpile.

Before You Go, Ponder This…

When a disaster hits, who do you want to be?

Do you want to be the person who waits for FEMA to arrive? The one hoping they have enough food for your family? Unsure of when, or if, your next meal will come?

Or do you want to be the hero who planned ahead for an emergency situation? The person who armed themselves with long-lasting Survival Food Kits & can feed their spouse, kids & grandkids?

Don’t leave this page without enough food to protect those you care about.

You don’t want to compromise on your family’s health or wellbeing, right? So please act now…

In these uncertain times, survival food supplies are vanishing before our eyes.

So claim your Lumberjack Survival Food Kits NOW by clicking the “Add to Cart” button. And have true peace of mind knowing you’re protected if a crisis comes a-knocking…

Robin loves the variety of foods she gets…

I Love The Variety!

Image of Five Stars

"First, it comes in its own tote. Love that!! It has a great variety of foods for every taste. Easy to prepare and to store for emergencies. Love that too!! It's a good choice for good nutrition."

Sara says this kit tastes like it was homemade…

Tastes Like I Made It From Scratch

Image of Five Stars

"My husband and I love the ones we've tried so far. Been busy trying some of everything I purchased. Everything tastes really good. Last week I had rice and beans and mac and cheese... tastes like I made from scratch. Week before I made alfredo and I added more broccoli chicken and spinach. Well it all tastes like I made it from scratch — delicious. Good job, chef."

And Robert is ready for a grid-down emergency…

When the Shelves Are Empty, I’ll Be Full!

Image of Five Stars

"Times are scary! You need to buy the food kit! I tried the mac and cheese — not bad! When all of this crazy stuff started you could not find food at the local stores! I have food in the freezer, but if the grid goes down I have 4Patriots food!"

* Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information see footnote 1.


1. All testimonials in this advertisement are from real people; sometimes names and photos have been changed to protect their privacy and some were given free products in exchange for their honest feedback. Testimonials represent exceptional results, don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same results. The organizations, publications and people referenced on this site are not affiliated with 4Patriots. They have not endorsed, sponsored or recommended this product; no affiliation or endorsement is claimed. Terms & conditions apply.
2. Your survival food is designed to last 25 years on the shelf. Storage conditions impact the shelf life of your food. For best results, always protect your food from heat, air and moisture. Avoid prolonged exposure to temps above 75 degrees F. Keep food sealed until ready to eat. Shelf life will vary based on storage conditions.
3. Mylar® brand is a registered trademark of Dupont Tejjin Films. Dupont is not affiliated with and has not endorsed or sponsored this product.