“Solar Shields” Defend Your Home & Family from Intruders

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>> Click to Play: See how this discreet solar light Alerts you & your family to unwanted guests…

If you're looking to protect your family & your home…

With motion-sensing “guard dogs”…

That use the FREE power of the sun…

And blast 1,000 lumens of shocking light at unwanted guests…

Then don't close this page.

Because right here you can get these discreet security lights that…

      • Work even in a blackout
      • Install in minutes — 2 screws!
      • And catch intruders in the act

These security lights could catch criminals & unwanted guests before they reach your home.

Which is important because…

Catch unwanted guests with 1,000 lumens of revealing light.

A Burglary Happens Every 25.7 Seconds in the U.S.


What was that? A snapped twig?

An animal?

Or someone outside… waiting for you to fall asleep?

Now, you’re stuck in bed, wondering who… or what is lurking in the dark.

You can’t go outside & investigate every creak or crack.

But with home invasions happening every 25.7 seconds in America2

You can’t leave it to chance either.

Don't let animals (or people) lurk in your yard.

So what do you do?

You choose to…

Shine A Light On Crime… Before It Even Happens

With These Solar-Rechargeable Security Lights

Whether you’re catching the things that go bump in the night… or providing much-needed light to a walkway outside…

You need Solar Sentry Security Lights by your side.

People can’t believe these solar lights do ALL this…

  • Recharge with the sun

  • Install in minutes

  • Motion-sensing technology

  • 1,000 lumens of light

  • Rainproof & weather-resistant

  • Remote control included

  • ★★★★★ Raving reviews

Keep reading to see how you can score 4 FREE gifts with your solar lights.

And when you grab the Best Deal, you’ll get an exclusive FREE gift package. Including a 9-in-1 tactical flashlight, a digital guide to protecting your house & more!

Mark’s lights caught a furry intruder (& might’ve saved his life)…

These Lights Might’ve Saved My Life

Image of Five Stars

"First of all, these lights give off amazing light. Only two days after putting them up, it was late and dark when I started to go to my car for something. I noticed that the Solar Sentry Security Light had been activated. I hesitated and there it was. A huge Black Bear passing by my front door. There is no doubt in my mind the Solar Sentry Security Light saved me from serious injury or death since the worst thing you can do with a Black Bear is spook them. He had come through a drainage ditch area and left muddy footprints on my blacktopped driveway which I measured. They were over 6 inches long. A normal Black Bear's paws are 5" long so this was a BIG BEAR."

And Mark isn't the only one benefitting from these lights.

People are realizing that you need light protection for all areas of your home.

Because criminals won’t stop at the front door.

So word to the wise – click the “Start My Order” button & claim your Best Deal. You’ll get the best price per unit on these solar security lights, FREE gifts & FREE shipping.

Get your order in now so you can claim your…

Solar Sentry Security Lights

Ultra-Bright “Solar Shields” Cast Shocking Light To Catch Unwanted Guests

There’s a reason we call these lights our “solar guard dogs.” Because their motion-sensing technology helps catch intruders. Then “barks” at them with shocking light to scare them off. Just like Lassie would.

Each one comes with a host of features designed to catch movement outside your home.

Whether you’re in a blackout or simply want peace of mind in the middle of the night…

These are the solar lights you can rely on to keep you & your family safe.

Just think of all the places you could use more light:

      • Front Door
      • Back Door
      • Garage
      • Backyard
      • Side Pathways
      • Over Windows
      • Outdoor Stairs

And when you claim our Best Deal today you’ll score the best price per unit, FREE gifts & FREE shipping.

We sent Greg one for free to try out. Now, we wants to buy more:

It Can't Be Beat!

Image of Five Stars

"I'm probably going to get another one for the other side of the house. From a security standpoint, it really can't be beat as far as having something that doesn't require a lot of energy and is infrared based as far as its motion sensor."

And the best part?

Your Solar Sentry Security Lights come with… 

A Collection Of Features – Designed Specifically For Your “Peace of Mind”

These “solar shields” are lightweight, discreet & work even through power outages.

Charge for FREE Using the Sun

You’ll have power as long as you have sun. Every Solar Sentry Light comes with a built-in solar panel. They’ll charge up during the day. And deliver bright light protection all night long.

And you don’t have to be a handyman to install it, because they are…

Easy to Install

No specs to check or cords to buy – your Solar Sentry Security Lights install with just two screws. That’s it. Mount it on a secure surface and enjoy rock-solid peace of mind.

Here’s Danielle to show you how simple it is to mount your Solar Sentry Lights:

Leo loved his lights so much, he came back & bought more…

They're So Good, I'm Buying More!

Image of Five Stars

"I was more than amazed with the power, durability and brightness of these solar-powered lights! In fact, I had to buy more because of how great they work! I STRONGLY and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone that is seeking the BEST WAY to light up their yard, porch, deck or wherever outdoors! They have outdone ANY solar powered lights I have ever used before, and there have been MANY!"

Customize Your Home’s Protection

Your security lights come with 3 different light modes:

      • PIR Mode: Stays off until it detects motion. Then, it blasts unwanted guests with powerful light
      • PIR & L Mode: Remains on all night, but gets brighter when it sees motion
      • CDS: Constant Directed Security keeps your lights bright all night

And each Solar Sentry Light comes with an easy-to-use remote. The buttons on your remote have easy-to-read labels for each setting. That way, you don’t have to be a gadget whiz to use these lights.

Click the “Start My Order” button & claim the Best Deal on your Solar Sentry Security Lights.

Works Without Cords, Batteries or Outlets

The Solar Sentry Security Lights work even during a blackout. You’ll have light… even if you can’t flip the lightswitch.

So if looters come around during a power outage, your Solar Sentry Lights can scare them away.

And you’ll be able to see anyone coming because your solar “guard dogs” are…

Ultra-Bright Lights – 1,000 Lumens!

Each one of your Solar Sentry Security Lights has 118 LED “eyes” built in. All together, they blast 1,000 lumens of light.

That way, you’ll have plenty of visibility on anything that triggers the motion sensor. And it’s hard to avoid because of its…

Wide Range of Protection

These “Solar Shields” cover more than a small area. Each one has 120 degrees of protection.

Plus, the motion sensors can detect movement up to 39 feet away. That way, you can stop criminals before they reach your yard, let alone your house.

Don’t wait for the next “bump in the night” to happen. Claim the Best Deal on our “Solar Spotlights” & receive 4 FREE gifts.

IP65 Waterproof

Your Solar Sentry Security Lights are IP65 Waterproof. That means they resist rain, snow & light weather.

Leave them outdoors & trust that you’ll have your security lights even during a pop-up shower.

Discreet & Compact

Some solar lights are an eyesore when hung up. But your Solar Sentry Lights are designed to be small & compact. This helps them fit into tight areas around your home.

So intruders won’t notice them… until they’re stunned by 1,000 lumens of light.

And since they only weigh 1lb, you don’t have to be an olympic weightlifter to set them up.

Richard uses his lights in his garden to scare off any furry intruders:

Keeps My Garden Critter-FREE

Image of Five Stars

"We placed the solar light in the garden and when any critters come by, the light goes on and scares them away and we don't stumble in the dark anymore."

Don’t wait a minute longer…

Get The Solar Tools That Provide Light Even In A Blackout

These solar lights could warn you & your family of unwanted visitors. But they’re so handy… most customers use them every day!

Just think of all the ways you’ll use your Solar Sentry Security Lights:

      • In Power Outages
      • In The Middle of The Night
      • At Home
      • On Your RV
      • Ward Off Wild Animals

Click the button to order now and get your FREE “Survival Starter” bundle with your Best Deal order.

People Rave About Their Solar Sentry Lights

Over the last 5 years, 1,087,240 customers have trusted 4Patriots survival products.3 And according to our numbers, 97% are happy customers. Plus, a third of our customers come back and order more.

Folks are happy – and the numbers show it!4

Take a look...

It Lasts All Night Long

Image of Five Stars

"I love these lights. Bought them for my aunt and uncle who live on the Hopi Reservation. They have no electricity. They have them hanging from the house to keep other people from taking their wood in the dark of the night. They put out plenty of light and they stay strong all night long. Thanks for making these."

Bright, Effective, Convenient

Image of Five Stars

"Works great. I have 3 set up in various locations on property. Bright, effective, and convenient."

Pairs Perfectly With My Security Cam

Image of Five Stars

"This security light works perfectly with my Ring doorbell. The light is bright and the sensor will help catch anyone who steps on my porch. Solar powered so no need to worry about power or batteries."

I Don’t Have To Remember To Turn These Off & On

Image of Five Stars

"I was more than amazed with the power, durability and brightness of these solar-powered lights! In fact, I had to buy more because of how great they work! I STRONGLY and HIGHLY RECOMMEND them to anyone that is seeking the BEST WAY to light up their yard, porch, deck or wherever outdoors! They have outdone ANY solar powered lights I have ever used before, and there have been MANY!"

* Real reviews from real customers. Sometimes customers receive a free product to test or as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information see footnote 1.

Most customers want more than one Solar Security Light. To guard multiple areas with bright lights. Or to get for loved ones as gifts.

Be sure to select the Best Deal & stock up on 4 of these Solar Spotlights…

There's Only 1 Catch...

Until you click the “Start My Order” button, we can’t reserve your order of Solar Sentry Security Lights.

We recommend claiming our Best Deal now. If you want to blast shocking light over any unwanted guests.

Frankly, every family should probably have more than 4 Solar Sentry Security Lights... to catch any intruders lurking in the dark.

But as you’ve seen, people stock up on these solar lights. To guard every corner of their doors, windows or porches.

So we had to put a limit on how many you could order. That way, every American has a fair chance to get these ultra-bright solar security lights.

So it only seems fair to limit each person to 4 units at once, so that there are enough to go around.

Here’s the thing: these solar “spotlights” are carefully tested at our warehouse in Utah, to make sure that they’re perfect for you. They take time to build, test & prepare for you.

So if there was a huge surge in demand & we sold out, it could take months for us to restock.

Here’s How to Get Your Hands on Solar Sentry Security Lights

So at this point you’ve seen the benefit of having these solar-powered safety gadgets on hand. Ready to keep you safe and help you sleep soundly at night.

You’ve seen how they recharge with the sun...

How they “see” threats before you even know they’re close by...

How easy they are to install and use no matter who you are or where you live…

And how the ability to have this “first line of defense” could make all the difference in these turbulent times we’re living in.

Having your Solar Sentry Security Lights could be the difference in an emergency. People love the peace of mind they get from them.

Think about what it would be like to know you’ve got 118 “eyes” (LED lights!) safeguarding your home...

To catch looters in the act

To protect your home's perimeter

To keep your walking path safe

To have critical light outdoors during a blackout (when you need it most!)

This doesn’t have to be wishful thinking.

With your Solar Sentry Security Lights, this kind of ultimate peace of mind is entirely within your reach.

Some people would pay an arm & a leg for 1,000 lumens of protection at every entrance.

Wouldn’t you?

Chances are good that you’d pay a LOT to know that your family can sleep safe & sound. And that if there is an intruder, you can know before they reach your house.

Heck… you’d probably pay 10 times that (or more!) if it meant your loved ones would never be left in the dark.

But Here’s the Great News…

We’re offering these solar “guard dogs” for much less than you might expect.

Because survival gadgets like these shouldn’t just be for the wealthy… everyone should be able to have this potentially life-saving light to help safeguard their home.

So when you order your Solar Sentry Security Lights...

You can get a single light for only $49.95 (plus shipping).


But because you’ll want to get enough Solar Sentry Lights for everyone you love...

And because the more you have around your home, guarding your family at night, the more secure you’ll feel…

We strongly recommend you stock up on as many Solar Sentry Lights as you can.

That way you’ll feel extra secure and safe from threats of home invasion, looters, or even wild animals.

And to make loading up on Solar Sentry Lights an easy and affordable decision — you now get a special multi-unit bonus package.

When you stock up on our Best Deal and get 4 Solar Sentry Lights today… you’ll get the best price per unit, FREE gifts and FREE Shipping & Handling too.

That’s an incredible value…

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YES! I Want My Solar “Spotlights” Plus FREE Gifts & FREE Shipping Too!

*FREE Gifts*
Our Best Deal Just Got Even Better! Select the BEST DEAL Package Today & Receive 4 FREE Gifts Including FREE Shipping

Now to help make stocking up a complete no-brainer for you…

[Exclusive] You’ll Get these FREE Gifts Today

Developed exclusively for people that stock up on our Solar Sentry Security Lights…

You’ll get a special FREE bonus gift package that is the perfect complement to your security lights.

These aren’t throwaway tchotchkes, folks.

You get a bundle of products that — paired with your solar lights — help you cut through the dark.

Starting with a tool you could call your own handheld security light…

FREE Gift #1: FREE HaloXT Tactical Flashlight

With your Solar Sentry Lights today you’ll get a FREE HaloXT Flashlight… We normally sell this for $29.95 on our website, but today, you’ll get it FREE.

Your FREE solar flashlight can even charge your phone in a pinch. It stores a “secret” supply of backup power in the handle. Plus, 3 worklight functions built right in.

You get 9 functions in a single flashlight:

      • Ultra-bright LED flashlight
      • Solar panel to recharge in the sun
      • Power bank to charge your phone in a pinch
      • SOS light and strobe
      • Work light
      • Seatbelt / rope tool
      • Glass hammer
      • Compass
      • Magnet

This best-selling solar gadget sold out right away when we first launched it. And with 428,063 sold at full price — it’s a customer favorite.

This Flashlight Saved My Son's Life

Image of Five Stars

"My six year-old son, Griffin, was playing with the seatbelt that comes out of the ceiling and it got wrapped around his neck so that he was literally hanging. This flashlight’s seatbelt cutter saved his life. You never know, you might be on a backroad and your car breaks down. Cars go off bridges...you just never know. These are also solar-powered, so you don’t have to charge them at all. Shoutout to 4Patriots for making such a super, awesome product."

And you’ll also get...

FREE Gift #2: “Turn Your Home Into A Fortress” Digital Report

With your Best Deal package today you’ll get our “Turn Your Home Into a Fortress” digital report. And it’s yours for FREE when you stock up on Solar Sentry Lights.

In this informative digital report, you’ll learn how to stay safe at home, even if the world’s gone to pot outside. It’s packed with tips and tricks like

  • 10 ways to keep intruders OUT
    Upgrade this and you’re on your way

  • Make home security a family affair
    Everyone needs to know rule #1

  • Turn household items into weapons
    Shoot this from 30 feet away (not a gun)

  • A secret way to prevent theft
    Deter looters with this “odd” tip

  • Create an plant obstacle course
    Your own “hedge of protection”

This digital report is exclusive to 4Patriots, and you’ll get it FREE with your Solar Sentry Light.

But wait there’s more...

FREE Gifts #3: A $25 Shopping Certificate

Whether you’re buying a few lights for your family, friends or coworkers…

Or stocking up for yourself...

We want to make today’s purchase the gift that keeps on giving.

So in the box along with your security lights you’ll get a FREE $25 Certificate. You can use it on any future order of $100 or more. Use it to get best-selling survival food, solar gadgets and much more.

And the cherry on top of your “survival sundae”? ​We’re sending all of it — your solar lights, tactical flashlight and gift certificate all on our dime.​

FREE Gift #4: FREE Shipping & Handling

Select the Best Deal on your Solar Sentry Security Lights today and you’ll get FREE shipping on your entire order.

Shipping & handling isn’t exactly cheap. But we want you to know how much we appreciate your business.

So we’re going to take care of the shipping and handling for you.

Click the orange “Start My Order” button now, and we’ll add all your FREE bonus gifts to your order right away.

YES! I Want the Best Deal & FREE Bonus Gifts

And you won’t risk a thing by trying out your Solar Sentry Security Lights thanks to…

An Outrageous Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee so This is 100% Risk FREE for You

You should be 100% happy with your order or you shouldn’t pay a penny. So you’ll get a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee for 365 days with no questions asked.

100% Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you're not satisfied with your Solar Sentry Security Lights, just return them within 365 days (that’s a full year) of purchase and we'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked. That way there's absolutely no risk for you.

This outrageous guarantee makes your purchase 100% risk-free. We stand behind our Solar Sentry Security Lights and we are confident you’re going to love them!

Click the button below now.

[Best Deal] Get 4 Solar Lights & FREE Bonus Gifts

Your Purchase Makes a Difference For Vets

Thanks to your support, we're able to employ 175+ American men and women from all across the USA. People who work hard and truly enjoy helping folks prepare for emergencies.

And again — thanks to you — we provide meaningful support to important charities that help American Veterans and their families. Charities like Fisher House, A Soldier's Child Foundation, Team Rubicon and Operation Homefront.

In fact, 4Patriots and our affiliated brands have donated more than $870,000 in cash, plus truckloads of life-saving products and countless hours of volunteer service by our employees since we founded the company. And the numbers keep growing! This year alone, we're committed to donating “$1K a Day” for a total of $365,000 by year's end.

Listen, it’s up to you which way you go.

But in times like these… where a power outage could leave you & your family in the dark.

You’ve got to ask yourself…

Will You Have Light When The World Goes Dark?

Before you go, think about this.

Intruders won’t stop at a locked door.

They won’t run away because of a “home security” sign stuck in the front yard.

The only way to stop intruders is to reveal them…

With 1,000 lumens of ultra-bright shocking light.

Light that sends any unwanted guests scurrying away.

Don’t you & your family deserve that?

To get your Solar Sentry Security Lights rushed to your door… plus your FREE bonus gifts and FREE shipping & handling…

Click the big button below now.

When you order you will instantly receive an order confirmation. We will rush your order to you and you’ll get a tracking number when it ships.

You can get started risk-FREE today because you’re backed by a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee for 365 days. It’s like trying it before you buy it.

Claim your Solar Sentry Security Lights and your FREE gifts now. You'll be glad you did.

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Claim Your Solar Lights & FREE Gift Package Now

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1. All testimonials in this advertisement are from real people; sometimes names and photos have been changed to protect their privacy and some were given free products in exchange for their honest feedback. Testimonials represent exceptional results, don't apply to the average purchaser and are not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same results. The organizations, publications and people referenced on this site are not affiliated with 4Patriots. They have not endorsed, sponsored or recommended this product; no affiliation or endorsement is claimed. Terms & conditions apply. Cade Courtley is a former Navy SEAL and Platoon Commander who served 9 years of active duty and has been compensated by 4Patriots for his hard work in helping us test and endorse this product.
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